Bob Dole is a fraud.

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Subject: Dole is a fraud

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Dear Brigade,

Sorry for using the [Brigade] list to send out an ALERT to the
supporters of US Taxpayers Party but my USTP listserv is not up and
running yet and this is important.

The USTP is Texas is under a deadline to get all the signatures on
the petitions. We need to complete the task by May 20, 1996. Then we
will  have time to collect them from across the state and send them
in by the deadline of May 27th.

As you know Texas is a BIG state with LOTS of electoral votes. If we
can succeed in TX we will be well on our way to having a stronger voice
when we say "GO PAT GO!!!!!"

The Elites from BOTH partys in TX are putting every effort into
stopping our movement. Lies, tricks and deception are the name of the
game. Question is, how much of this are we gonna take before we say
enough is enough!!!! I know that the Brigades can get out in full
force and defeat the Texas establishment if we are organized.

We can get around the obstacles the TX "legislators" have devised to
stop us but we still have to go by their rules, and follow them
precisely. Any variation can cause the petitions to be thrown out!

We have a great team of Coordinators in TX who are experts regarding
the ballot access rules. I only have two contact numbers, call one
or both of them for infomation on the petition drive in your area of Texas.

Nancy McDonald, San Antonio area,  210-832-8131
Kevin Youngblood, Dallas area, 214-315-5046

If you can't get through please call the USTP HQ at:
1-800-2-VETO-IRS and ask for Allison Potter
Janine Hansen, Nevada
Nat'l. Ballot Access Chairman 702-356-9009

Remember the goals of the USTP:
** To restore American Jurisprudence to its Biblical premises
** To limit the Federal Government to its Constitutional boundaries

I'm not going to say do it for Pat, because I don't know what Pat
will decide. With or without Pat Buchanan, the US Taxpayers Party
is a cause worth fighting for. It's another battle in our Second
American Revolution.

Even if you voted in the last TX primary or if you live in another
state USTP-TX  can use your help. Louisiana, Okahoma and New Mexico
Brigadiers hopefully will join the effort. You will need to call the
phone numbers listed above to get involved but I would appreciate an
email to keep me updated on your efforts.

I'm still developing the National USTP  web site and waiting for the
OK on our domain name. I'll let you know when we are up, but in the
meantime please check out the site Ricardo Davis has available:

Ricardo will be managing our [USTP] listserv and thankfully giving me
much needed help. If you are interested in giving a hand with the
various USTP jobs on the net send me a note.

*Note to ALL other states: I'm focusing on Texas right now because the
deadline is so close and it's one of the biggest states. But we need
help in EVERY state. Send me a note with "USTP-TX" in the subject
(type in YOUR states initials) so I will find it in my over-crowded
mail box.

Please forward this message across the Net and the USA, get EVERYONE
to sharpen their Pitchforks!!!!!

Thanks for all you do to restore our Republic,

PS - Daniel New, Michaels Dad, believes in USTP. He is a County Chairman
for USTP-TX.
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