MFCR News Release: College Republicans Repressed at Albion College

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Thu Apr 4 15:18:47 MST 1996

                 Michigan Federation of College Republicans
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Over the past two weeks student leaders and campus officials have begun a
crackdown on conservative activities at Albion College.

This Monday, the Albion College Student Senate impeached two of its
Senate members, most notably known for their outspoken stances and
membership with the Albion College Republicans. Jeff Schroder and Cori
Johnson, leaders of the Albion CRs, were accused of misrepresenting the
student Senate. These are charges vehemently denied by the two members
and both claimed they were victims of a political witchhunt.

At least 35 College Republicans from across the state attended the
meeting and witnessed the overt bias of the student Senate firsthand.
"Albion students were allowed time to make wild allegations against Cori
and Jeff, yet when they wanted to respond to these allegations they were
censored by the student Senate President," says Nick Kirk, a U of M
student. Many students noted the "pink ribbons" which were worn by some
to support "gay rights," which for some at this meeting inherently meant
the impeachment of the two College Republicans on the Senate. "Several
Senate faculty advisors wore these pink ribbons, showing the obvious bias
of faculty who should be unbiased in advising the student government,"
says Jason Brewer, an MSU student who attended the meeting.

Albion College also assisted in the persecution by opening private
electronic mail files of the Albion College Republicans. The Albion CRs
had a private e-mail account with a significant amount of sensitive mail.
The Albion faculty opened these files to the public, while keeping the
other files of other student groups closed. RThis is an absolute disgrace

and a breach of privacy," says Mark Fletcher, state Chairman for the
College Republicans, "The organization's e-mail files were private and the
Albion CRs were not aware they had been made public until several
radical organizations on campus began publicizing the CRUs private
mail." Albion College has declined to comment, but according to both
Jeff Schroder and Cori Johnson, neither themselves or any other College
Republican were made aware by Albion College that their private e-mail
files had been released to the public. The e-mails were released under
pressure from homosexual student activists.

The student Senate is also allegedly interested in revoking the
recognition of the College Republicans at Albion. The Student Senate
might move to ban the organization from the collegeUs official list of
recognized organizations.

The College Republicans are planning several efforts to make people aware
of these issues. They plan to hold a rally for Jeff Schroder and Cori
Johnson sometime in the near future on Albion's campus. They also intend
to write letters and e-mails protesting the biased actions of the student
Senate and the Albion faculty. Mark Fletcher proclaimed: "We will not
rest until Albion College apologizes to Cori and Jeff and their names are
cleared of any wrongful accusations that were implied by their impeachment."

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Contact: Mark Fletcher                                        (313) 668-4664

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