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> A>I am wondering if it is customary for the Secretary of Commerce to
> >travel the world, or anywhere else for that matter, in the company of
> >large business executives.
> Ron Brown was the first Pro-Active Sec. of Commerce this country has ever
> had.  His several trade missions to South Africa, India, Brazil and Bosnia,
> among other places, was a unique initiative sparked by the National Export
> Strategy developed by Brown and the Clinton Administration.  In my opinion,
> this strategy is one of the better (if not only) policies that has succeeded
> and worked well for U.S. businesses.  This strategy places emphasis on
> assisting ALL sized companies to begin to look at the global market, that is
> to say EXPORTS.  The Commerce Department does not advocate nor support
> companies that are involved with Imports.  Imports are generally advocated
> and assisted by the foreign country from which the product has been imported
> from.
> Exports are the future of this country and have already created thousands of
> jobs (private sector) by private companies increasing their exports and
> thereby their profits, increasing employment throughout the nation.
> Although Ron Brown was an ardent partisan Democrat, his business views
> regarding Commerce Department activities was a welcome site to all
> businesses throughout this country, and probably will not be replaced.
> The COmmerce Department needs to be downsized drastically, but the
> International Trade functions should be kept, if not increased.
> Small companies have been assisted far more than the larger companies, we
> only see the larger trade missions in the press.  The local U.S. Export
> Assistance Centers located in most major cities, work directly with the
> smaller and medium sized companies who are willing and eager to export.  The
> larger companies can pretty much take care of themselves, it's the smaller
> companies that really need the guidance which is provided by COmmerce
> Department programs.
> I am personally involved in one of these Commerce Programs and work directly
> with very small companies in the Los ANgeles area who have never exported.
> I have personally assisted several companies in the development of their
> export plan and am pleased to say that a good majority of them are making
> lots of money and hiring additional staff as a result.
> If anyone is interested in a program that has Commerce support, you can
> check out the newest international trade and export assistance web site,
> TradePort, located at
> The nationally launching of the TradePort web site on March 8, was the last
> time I spoke with Secretary Brown.  THe country has lost a great deal as a
> result of this tragedy.
> Regards,
> Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
> Hollywood, California
> 1995 NL West Division Champs!
> say that you are personally involved in
these Comerce programs.  Sorry, but your reply does not count.

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