Dole Stinks -Reply

Trey Triggs trey at SOUTHWIND.NET
Mon Apr 8 20:17:47 MDT 1996

>To all:
>    Considering the numbers in the primaries, Dole has more appeal to
>Republicans, than perhaps opinion on this list indicates.  It is
>unfortunate if they think that Dole stinks.  Actually, since the word
>"stinks" was brought up by others, my humble opinion is that Buchanan
>stinks even worse.  Buchanan has limited popular appeal, despite his
>propaganda to the contrary.  He reminds me of another perennial
>presidential candidate, namely, Harold Stassen .  He too sensed grass
>roots support, which was realistically more rhetorical than actual.
>    Essentially, Dole is more moderate and more realistic than his
>primaary opponents.  He probably realizes that a moderate is more
>likely to win, since extremes, at least as perceived by voters in
>November, seldom appear in who is actually elected.
>    In line with the above, even Newt Gingrich has been cooling it a
>bit.  His "first 100 days" and related hoopla are not likely to be
>repeated.  His bedside manner is also improving.  Abrasiveness can be
>useful to a point, but it too can become a bit threadbare.
>    Overall, Sen. Dole is a decent person, even if I personally do
>not care for his political positions.  In any case, he is much better
>than the rest of the horses in the OK Republican Corral.
>Peace be with you,
>Richard Swerdlin
>(swerdlin at
>P.S. Let Buchanan form his own party and run as its presidential
>candidate.  See how many votes he can get in November.  Of course it
>may be that he is still suffering from a case of sour grapes or
>something else, especially since I hear that his famous march to The
>Citadel in South Carolina really took a lot out of him (manufacturing
>hot air can be exhausting, especially when it is in favor of more
>chauvinism that far south.
>P.P.S.  Whether the White House is the next office of either Clinton
>or Dole, the nation will continue to progress.  This is confirmed by
>Nancy Reagan's chief astrologer, who was so helpful in helping
>President Reagan plan foreign initiatives.
Mr. Swerdlin:

I couldn't have said it better!  The majority selected their nominee -- I
also have heard reports that Reagan and Clinton were both behind in the
general election polls before they were elected.  Novemeber is a long way
away!  Dole is the real choice!


The Republican Congress has kept their word -- now let's show them we are
honored!  Retain the Republican majority and send Bob Dole to the White House!

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