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Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Wed Apr 10 09:45:21 MDT 1996

> You are correct in that 50% of the Commerce Department IS a useless waste of
> money and needs to be cut altogether, but the international trade functions
> of the Commerce Department, specifcally the International Trade
> Administration, provides a much needed and useful service to SMALL and
> medium sized businesses who do NOT have the experience or money to hire
> consultants and lawyers as the BIG corporations do.  I work very closely
> with small businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area and most of them are
> successful ONLY because of the assistance they receive from Commerce
> programs, such as trade leads, company referrals, trade shows and catalog
> shows sponsored by the Department, trade missions overseas (not those the
> media touts, but those involving the smaller companies), and export
> counseling.  When you consider that a majority of companies that export are
> indeed SMALL businesses, services provided by the Commerce Department are
> very much in demand and actually return a profit to the taxpayer as a result
> of an export transaction that creates jobs and tax revenue in THIS country.
> If we want to increase exports from this country and to compete effectively
> with the rest of the world by introducing US MADE products to other areas of
> the world, we need a focused advocate, such as the Commerce Department, to
> assist U.S. businesses in this effort.  I would also add that the several
> trade missions led by Sec. Brown did result in MANY small businesses in the
> U.S. egaging in new international trade deals with South Africa, India,
> China and the Middle East.

I would not have problem with continuing those few programs that are working
but there is no reason they cannot be moved to the state department. This
eliminates a duplicate bureaucracy and puts international issues in the
state department where it probably belongs anyway.

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