Dole 100% Pro-Life?????

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Dear Brigade,

Dole's pro-abort voting record speaks for itself. I've also included a
clip from Time Magazine.

Spread the word and....GO PAT GO!!!!

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Subject:       FREEDOM CLUB REPORT: Dole 100% Pro-life???

According to February's FREEDOM CLUB Report published by Marlin Maddoux,
host of POINT OF VIEW radio program, QUOTE: "Dole has a 100% pro-life voting
record."  (a copy can be obtained by calling 1-800-227-4444)

The TRUTH About Bob Dole's "Pro-Life" Voting Record:

1)  Voted to confirm Pro-Abortion David Souter to the Supreme Court (10-2-90).

2)  Voted to confirm Pro-Abortion Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court

3)  Voted to confirm Pro-Abortion Stephen Breyer to the Supreme Court (7-29-94).

4)  Voted for S1, funding fetal tissue research (2-18-93).

5)  Voted for FACE, the Freedom of Access to Clinic Act, protecting killers
of the unborn and penalizing those who protest at abortion clinics (11-16-93).

In addition to his "pro-life" voting record, Bob Dole has refused to pledge
to keep the Republican pro-life platform.


Ducking the Question
Time Magazine, March 13, 1995

Deep inside each consensus-building, big-tent Republican running for
President lies the awful knowledge that one false step into the swamp
of abortion politics can drown you.... So what's a candidate
to do? Robert Dole, Phil Gramm and Lamar Alexander all claim the
pro-life label, but not the mantle. They wrinkle their noses, say they
personally don't like abortion -- as if a personal preference
substitutes for a clear-cut public policy. Dole and Gramm wriggle out
of answering the key questions: Would you support a human-life
amendment to the Constitution? And would you seek to overturn Roe v.
Wade by appointing Supreme Court Justices pledged to do so?


...Dole is vaguest of all. When told by TIME that he was being identified
that way, he still would not be any more specific than he was in an
earlier interview. ''We need to try to bring people together,'' he
says. ''Abortion is not the only issue . . . I don't believe it will
divide us.''

But it is divisive, which is why the candidates are fudging and hoping
to remove the human-life plank from the platform....


Many pro-lifers hold not simply a position but rather a belief that
life begins at conception and that abortion is murder. Many people
disagree, but it is nonnegotiable for those who concur. Perhaps the
candidates can wink at pro-lifers and say, ''Trust me, I'll ban
abortion once I win,'' and wink the other eye at pro-choicers and say,
''Don't worry, I just need their votes.'' This means, of course, that
at times both eyes are closed.

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