Cry, Bill, You're on Candid Camera

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Apr 11 12:11:21 MDT 1996

While I am one who would NOT defend Billy Boy I must say that in attending
quite a few funerals in my life, it is difficult to not find occasion to
smile/laugh (politely not heartily) at some things said following a
funeral/ceremony. What I do find reprehensible is the fact that he was
trying to disguise reality. Seems to fit into his behavior pattern. If the
man were more honest and said openly ' if you don't like my behavior, look
the other way' and then continues, it would at least be honest. I disdain
fake people. I'd rather they were openly crass/brazen/despicable/etc. than
sneaky/diabolical/underhanded/etc. He's so dramatic in his behavior but I
feel compeled to  believe that Billy is truly saddened by the sudden death
of his friend/cohort/etc. The man can't be completely devoid of feelings
what so ever for other people; can he? BTW, one issue I've not read here yet
is abt. the Ron Brown investigation. Will that continue (as it could lead to
evidence of others involvement who are still alive) or are they scraping it
as a lost cause?  Cindy B.

>                 Cry Bill, You're on Candid Camera
>     While Bill Clinton was walking from a Ron Brown ceremony, a
>photographer filmed him laughing with a friend UNTIL he saw the
>photographer and camera THEN instantly looked down at the
>ground, "bit" his lower lip and acted as if to rub "tears" from
>each of his eyes.
>     That, folks, was a 16 second look into the  "depth" of
>Bill Clinton -- A man who manipulates a public image to hide  the
>character-less nature of the man.
>     This film clip ought to be played and re-played during the
>presidential campaign to show the "kind of man" the voters are being
>asked  to support.
>Kenneth E. Wyman

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