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"I have to disagree with you here.  It is clear from the gospels that we are
saved by grace alone.  Our works in this life are a reflection of how God's
grace has touched our lives and we continue to work at being more like Christ's
example.  In Matthew (I would quote this if I had my Bible - I left it at home
this morning) Christ explains that non-believers will not enter the kingdom of
heaven.  He will say "Go away, for I have never known you" to those who have
never believed in Him."

Then I guess we disagree.

Like I said, I believe that Jesus is a path, but not the only one.  This, to
me, is the type of belief that we, as Christians, have tried to force on people
for 2000 years.  I'm Catholic, and I don't buy it.  And the Catholic Church was
so into this philosophy that it can boast an inquisition.

Jesus' message of love is so fundamental.  Belief in Him and His works makes
the process - for me - much easier, but people can love each other without
being Christians.  Our Christian beliefs show us that Jesus didn't even turn
His back on sinners!  So I do NOT have it in me to believe that God will turn
His back on good people - regardless of their religion - or lack of it.

Jesus came as a loving savior, not as a tyrant.  And He died for ALL, not just
the believers.

>It is a foundational principle of Christianity that acceptance of Christ as the
>one and only Son of God is the thing that saves our eternal souls.

Sorry.  I do not believe that acceptance is enough.  I tend to believe that what
will count at the end is our actions.

"What is the point in believing in something like this if you don't feel you
are right?"

One being "right", does NOT make others wrong!

I know that my beliefs are not popular among many Christians.  That doesn't
matter to me.  Even Jesus, when he taught us to pray, taught us to address the
Father.  I have read and reread the sermon on the mount - its sole focus is
love of one another.  That, to me, is Jesus' message.  In my heart, I believe
that if I do my best to live by that message - all of the time, I am doing
everything God wants of me, and that will be the standard for my judgment.

Could I be wrong?  Of course!!!!!  Any of us could be wrong.

On the other hand, we, as Christians, believe that Jesus died and arose to
atone for our sins.  That is already done.  he gave us his message of love, and
told us how to live.

Again, I do not believe that God is so harsh that He will condemn good people.
Jesus sure didn't.  He didn't condemn anyone - even his executioners.

Stephen Frye
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