Richard Swerdlin Swerdlin at COEFS.COE.UNT.EDU
Fri Apr 12 09:29:00 MDT 1996

Ken Wyman:

    I do not condone monkey business by so-called professionals in
any political party,  People are people, and unfortunately many do
try to screw someone else.

    The matter of votes is relative to the population of a nation.
Considering the size of the United States, a number such "one
million"  is not as significant as it might otherwise seem.  This
relativity is reflected in examing percents.  I am not suggesting
that just a few dozen voted for Buchanan.  However, his relative
strength is low.  This no great shame, since the relative strength of
other candidates may also be low.

    Being 66 (whether I like it or not), I recall any number of
campaigns at both national and state levels in which some candidates
claimed "strong grassroots" support.  This "support" however does not
necessarily materialize on election day.  Thus I see nothing unusual
about Buchanan's situation.

    Perhaps of mutual interest, I have no vested interest in either
of the two major political parties, as such.  I still vote for
persons, not parties.  If more parties appear on a ballot, more power
to them for exercising such initiative.  Generally this possibility
makes leading candidates of major parties a bit less compalcent or

     While I did not vote for Bush, his election did not shock me or
sicken me.  Neither did I vote for Reagan.  His performance did not
cause my sky to fall.  As you can see, I do not have much faith in
doomsday predictions regarding who might win a presidential race.
For that matter, I do not have much faith in exoplanations given by
the State department in its area of forign policy.  Lying is quite
convenient and common, regardless of who the master is at the time.
The same copuld have ben said about police chiefs in various cities
in which I have lived.

Richard Swerdlin
(swerdlin at coefs.coe.unt.edu)

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