Why I Am Pro-Life (was: Hello, and a question - reply)

Chuck Warman cwarman at SOL.WF.NET
Fri Apr 12 21:05:36 MDT 1996

Will Thurber wrote,

>>>Prior to your joining the list I
enumerated my reasons for being pro-choice.  The defining moment was when
a friend of mine became pregnant out of high school and (almost) could
not get an abortion because of the medical consent condition needed at
that time.  (Her condition was not the criteria, the personal belief of
the physician was the key)  It was a "Christians and foxholes" situation,
ie it was a lot harder to be pro life when I didn't have to look my
pregnant friend in the eye.<<<

It's interesting how similar circumstances can generate different

Two years ago, our 19-year-old, college-sophomore, unmarried daughter
informed us that she was pregnant. It's a familiar story - she knowingly
violated her own moral code and was filled with remorse and guilt. The
father had no interest in any sort of a continuing relationship with our
daughter or the baby; he also made it clear that he would provide no
support unless we took legal action. Then he disappeared. Ideal situation
for an abortion, right?

Our daughter, to her everlasting credit, and with no pressure from her
parents, never for a moment considered abortion. She dropped out of school,
got a job, had her baby, and is now completing her education while working
part-time and raising her daughter. And her baby is just about the greatest
blessing God has ever given our family. The thought of her never having
been born is too painful for me even to contemplate. You just can't judge
the value of  a gift by its wrapping.

Another personal note: Our two children (ages 19 and 22) are both adopted;
today, the supply of adoptable infants has dwindled to almost nothing; this
is a direct result of Roe v. Wade. If my wife and I had been born 20 years
later, it is doubtful that we could have had a family. My question is, why
doesn't Planned Parenthood promote adoption instead of abortion? What is
their *real* agenda?

To say that I have a deep personal commitment to the pro-life position is
an understatement!



Chuck Warman
cwarman at sol.wf.net
"The abdication of Belief / Makes the Behavior small."
        --- Emily Dickinson

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