Why I Am Pro-Life (was: Hello, and a question - reply)

Helen hc40 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Fri Apr 12 22:07:10 MDT 1996

> Will Thurber wrote,
> >>>Prior to your joining the list I
> enumerated my reasons for being pro-choice.  The defining moment was when
> a friend of mine became pregnant out of high school and (almost) could
> not get an abortion because of the medical consent condition needed at
> that time.  (Her condition was not the criteria, the personal belief of
> the physician was the key)  It was a "Christians and foxholes" situation,
> ie it was a lot harder to be pro life when I didn't have to look my
> pregnant friend in the eye.<<<
 Chuck Warman wrote:
> It's interesting how similar circumstances can generate different
> responses.
In the face of a life-altering mistake, Chuck, your daughter made a
wonderfully responsible decision for life.  Trial by fire is a great revealer of
principles.  Good job.

One bright morning, several years ago, I had to look straight in the eyes of  a
woman in the process of having an abortion on my verandah.  Whatever
she had taken, I don't know; all I know is that when she began to abort on
the way to visiting the doctor, she wound up on my verandah, desperate for
help. It was 6:30 AM, summer vacation time, and she woke my house-mate
and I up to this.

It's an indelible memory.  She crouched there on the verandah couch, this
poor still-beating life resting in the scooped bowl she made of the rear of her
skirt.  The blood.  Her eyes were uncaring.  She did not express any feeling of
pain or anything.  All she wanted us to do was to cut the amniotic sac--or
whatever--so this dear life could die.  We refused to.  We got a friend to take
her to the hospital where the nurses treated her coldly, I hear. I remember
the blood, the baby, her callousness.  That day I washed and washed and
washed and still the stench of blood stayed.  In desperation, I finally washed
it away with alcohol.

After that, I became *adamantly* pro-life.  Never again.  The woman does
not speak to either me or my housemate now.  She stopped speaking to us
shortly after that morning, as did some of her relatives.    That told me
something about abortions indeed.


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