A New Secretary of Commerce ???

John Fearon jfearon at INTERGATE.NET
Sun Apr 14 10:32:29 MDT 1996

Wouldn't you figure that sort of compromise, by Dole?  Anything to kiss
up to the democrats.  God, he is like milktoast.!!!!!  John

On Sun, 14 Apr 1996, Kenneth E. Wyman wrote:

> I wrote the below and now have the answer.
> ===============================================================
> >>Subject:      A New Secretary of Commerce ???
> >>
> >>    Will the GOP have the political "guts" to deny Clinton's
> >>nomination of a new Secretary of Commerce - M. Kantor - in light of
> >>their stated goal of eliminating the department?
> >>
> >>    It will be interesting to watch their reaction when Clinton
> >>"tearfully" invokes the name of Ron Brown to get Kantor in
> and,thereby,keep the department alive.
> ================================================================
> The answer:
>         Yesterday, while campaigning, Bob Dole was asked about Kantor
> and he said, Kantor should have no problem being approved as the new
> Sec. of Commerce.
>     Enough said - the Dept.of Commerce lives on.
> >>Ken Wyman

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