Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Apr 15 11:14:10 MDT 1996

        I wrote re Clinton:
>>     (His)"raping" our defenses in manpower/material reduction and
anti->>missile defense which will keep inviting every international mad
man to >>"hit" us as they expand their agendas of conquest.(China,
Iraq, Iran,N.Korea, etc.)
You commented:
>    And you don't think that Bob Dole won't do the same.  Bob Dole is
>slicker than Slick Willie.
>>Mark, considering his personal military experience and his
pro-defense voting records, that's a "bum" rap.(With Majority Leader
Trent Lott "handing off" increased defense appropriations to him, the
Clinton "rape" will be ended.)

    In summary, by the "tenor" of your various postings, you evidently
"hate" Dole as much as I "hated" LBJ as a Goldwater campaigner. I
fought like "hell" for Barry as you for Pat and could not be dissuaded.

    Therefore, its evident that I'll not be able to dissuade you. I can
only hope I'm wrong and you're right. BUT, CLINTON HAS TO GO.

Ken Wyman

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