Why I am Pro-Life

Trey Triggs trey at SOUTHWIND.NET
Mon Apr 15 19:00:04 MDT 1996

>It's nice your daughter had a choice and made her choice.  Everyone
>should have a choice.  There should always be choices.
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Phil also had a later post which brought up a great point -- when is life a
life.  The church says at conception -- science and the law can't agree.  Is
it when the baby is actually able to support itself without any assistance?

In America we talk about being able to make choices -- and yet in some cases
we want to remove those choices.  I say we should be able to make choices
and live with them.  Of course, on the other I don't believe that abortion
is right after the first trimester.

I know someone will say what about the baby's choice.  Well, when is it a
baby?  Conception, 2d Trimester, birth, earlier, or later?

About Lyle and Eric -- yep, they made choices - - murder is illegal and it
still goes on -- probably at least one person in this country was killed by
the time you finish this post.


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