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John Fearon jfearon at INTERGATE.NET
Tue Apr 16 10:25:26 MDT 1996

The campaign and debate is much more important than any kind of sports.
Who wins, affects each our lives indirectly.  Look what your Mr.  Clinton
brought.  He wants to dissarm the citizens and then bring in his own
socialist thugs.  He is responsible for more money being taken out of my
check.  Since he only wants criminols to have weapons, thereby leaving me
a sitting duck.  I am blind and all the police are is a cleanup crew.
The have to treat the criminols so sweetly, it is no wonder that we have
so many repeat offenders.  I just hate Clinton and he is doing his part
to screwing up my life.  Having Dole in the Whitehouse, we will at least
have some form of common sense.  Clinton has none.

On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Richard Swerdlin wrote:

> John Fearon:
>     In American usage, "whining" implies shallowness in complaints.
> Thus "whining" indeed fits the sob stories of how Candidate X has
> beeen "undercut" by various opponents.  Having seen politics in six
> different states, and having worked in presidential campigns myself,
> it is clear that many people do not have the guts to simply concede
> the obvious, namely, that one candidate has received more votes than
> their own.  Seriously, this is no different in principle than
> realizing that the opposing team has a score a few more points.  I
> have had experience in sports too, and that atrea has its surplus of
> whiners.  Naturally they try to blame, the umpires or referees, the
> weather, the sportscasters, etc.  In plainest English, the better
> teams are usually the winners.
>     As far as my membership on this list is concerned, I intend to
> continue it, since the list is positive on balance.  Relatedly, it
> can be useful to exchange opinions with other citizens in our great
> and free nation.  Further, the nation is best served when such
> exchange takes place.
>     I trust this clarifies matters.  I also trust that this list will
> prosper and thus endure.
> Faithfully,
> Richard Swerdlin
> (swerdlin at coefs.coe.unt.edu)

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