Why no 'super-majority' passage -Reply

Richard Swerdlin Swerdlin at COEFS.COE.UNT.EDU
Wed Apr 17 10:32:00 MDT 1996

Dean Fairbrother & Ken Wyman:

    There is no magical definition of what is necessary to pass a
bill in Congress.  Personally, the need of a simple majority seems
reasonable to me.  This is not a new feeling however.  Comparably,
the sam feeling exists regarding state legislatures and city

    Relatedly, there are of course different majority requirements in
certain situations.  These too serve a purpose.

    Overall, i don't see a special need for a special majority in the
case of a tax bill.  Taxes fund services, despite the habit if
frustrated people using "taxes" as a perennial scapegoat.

    My speculation is that the special majority issue is not on the
nmind of most voters in 1996.

Richard Swerdlin
(swerdlin at coefs.coe.unt.edu)

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