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Laib, Steve A41 at MDBESF.MDBE.COM
Wed Apr 17 13:00:00 MDT 1996

 Mike wrote:

>  I sent a letter with photos to Clinton (re antelope hunting)
>about my successes and ask him to refute my statements.  In typical
>politician fashion, I got a pseudo-form letter back that stated his
>intention was to reduce crime in cities and that such a small portion of
>the public is affected by the ban that I should just accept it for the
>better good of society.  Well since I had no choice but to accept it, I
>did, but I'm still waiting to see the greater benefit to society.  I
>haven't noticed a substantial drop in crime specifically violent crime
>since the passage of the bill.  A rhetorical question here:  Most of the
>assault rifles that I own are by far the largess physical sized guns I
>own.  If I were a criminal wanting to use a gun in conjunction with a
>crime, why would I want to try and "sneak" one of those monsters around?

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike ......
     You totally missed the point.  (Add heavy sarcasm now)
If only you guys who are so intent on protecting yourselves gave
up your guns, then the criminals wouldn't feel threatened and would
disarm also.  (Bills friends' favorite line about the USSR in the
70's)  You just have to feel secure in yourself and trust that the
gang bangers are really nice guys under the skin, and are only
misunderstood.  They need to be treated with respect and
understanding.  If only everyone would do that, crime would
disappear.  Bubba's honor.

     And If you believe that drivel, I have a bridge in
Brooklyn to show you.  :-)

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher
San Francisco.

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