Why I am Pro-Life

Stephen A Frye safrye at CCGATE.DP.BECKMAN.COM
Thu Apr 18 12:24:28 MDT 1996

Darin, I agree with everything you say.  There is tremendous
inconsistency.  Often on both sides.  The position of those in favor
of abortion - and, PLEASE - I am NOT saying I agree or disagree, I am
simply stating the position - is that many believe that the mother
also has rights.  I have spoken with many folks who are pro-choice,
and few debate the actual life and existence of the fetus.  Rather,
they debate the extent of the rights of the mother.  I guess, when it
boils down to it, the debate is the same here.  Does the mother have
the right to terminate that life?

I am sure there are still many who debate whether or not the fetus is
a human life, but it has been my experience that that is truly NOT the
thrust of the abortion debate.  The thrust is about the balance of

Stephen Frye
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