Ron Brown another Vincent Foster?

Larry Long llong at CCAD.UIOWA.EDU
Thu Apr 18 15:26:25 MDT 1996

Darin writes:

>I don't want to be the start of a conspiracy theory but I couldn't help but
>notice the following.   Ron Brown has been under sometimes intense scrutiny
>by prosecutors for his illegal activities.  Ron Brown is also a close friend
>and ally of the President with knowledge into the President's dealings, ie
>Whitewater etc.  Could it be that the prosecutors had Brown ready to turn
>state's evidence?  Could it be that the President iced him like he did
>Vincent Foster?

Last week, some guy called into that early morning CNN talk deal with the host
and two guests, usually one republican and one democrat.   Anyway, the caller
was a former Air Force pilot who had flown many, many hours as a pilot of that
particular type of aircraft, knew it inside and out,  and he was astounded that
the plane crashed the way (some say) it did.  I can't remember exactly what was
said, but the guy intimated that in his opinion the crash was due neither to
mechanical or pilot error.  Wish I could remember more.


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