Liberal Mailing List?

John Fearon jfearon at INTERGATE.NET
Mon Apr 22 07:46:22 MDT 1996

For God sakes, don't get on any liberal list and bash those aliens from
outer space.  We have enough of them on "Rushtalk" already.  We sure as
hell don't need any more of those totally rotten socialists.  John Fearon
jfearon at

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Dennis Putnam wrote:

> >
> > Not that I don't enjoy Rushtalk, but I agree with most of you guys.  It
> > may be fun to join a liberal mail list and reply to their garbage with a
> > conservative view.  Anyone out there know of a good liberal political
> > mail list I could harass?  If so, please let me know thru Rushtalk or
> > personally at Tomrock at
> >
> >
> Its not really fun, I tried it. Unlike the civil responses you get here, when
> some oppose your views of facts and information to dissuade you, the liberal
> lists invariably mock and ridicule you for your view. Since most liberal
> views are indefensable, that is all they can reply with. You will find it
> and exercise in frustration because there is no substance to their arguments
> and they will ignore your facts.
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