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Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Mon Apr 22 11:39:12 MDT 1996

> Dennis Putnam:
>     I have known of many, many instances of monkey business on the
> part of both Republicans and Democrats at the local and state levels,
> in the several states in which I have lived in my 66 years.  The
> accounts do not make the headlines, but there is little limit o
> "character" flaws, cinsidering the basis on whichappointments and
> other decisions are made.  In academic circle the situation is no
> different.
>     I would like to paint a rosier picture of humans, but my
> experiences suggest that "character" has been in short supply for a
> long, long time.  Amusingly, someone I know was "shocked" to hear
> that Eisenhower took a shine to his secretary.  My how the mighty
> have fallen!

You are missing my point. I know we are all human and by definition flawed.
There indeed are Republicans and Democrats that deviate from what we would
consider good character. However, Clinton is way off the scale when it comes
to lack of character. You cannot compare Clinton's character which doesn't
even know where the straight and narrow is with those that stray on occasion.
It seems like you are trying to say that since others are not perfect then
we should accept Clinton no matter how poor his character is compared to even
the broadest definition of acceptable character. That is an indefensible

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