Death penalty - Punishment and Deterrent

Mike Wangsmo wanger at FUBAR.CS.MONTANA.EDU
Mon Apr 22 22:18:59 MDT 1996

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, John Fearon wrote:

> Well!! I think that people should serve the sentences they are given, or
> at least, a larger part.  Their are people in the Atlanta area who have
> been convicted of multiple offences and they are still walking the
> streets.  Their needs to be more chaingangs and strenuous labor.  In my
> state, we have a new prison director.  I think he gets it right.  He has
> stated that he wants someone who serves time, to remember that the
> experience wasn't pleasant and that they really don't want to repeat the
> process.  I hope I have answered your question, Mike.  I mean good and
> tough!!!!!!.  I wish that people sentenced to the death penilty wouldn't
> have such a long appeals process.  We didn't used to have all this crime
> and we don't need to be so tolerent as to make excuses for it now.  John
> Fearon jfearon at
AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well put John.
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