Bumper Stickers

Mike Wangsmo wanger at FUBAR.CS.MONTANA.EDU
Wed Apr 24 18:37:14 MDT 1996

Hello All.

Recently I have been noticing a plethera of the following three bumper
stickers.  Just thought I would post them here and see if anybody has any
comments about them.  I'll post my thoughts after some others have
contributed.  Not that I am wanting to check others answers first, just
that I want to see if others feel similar to how I do without my commenting.

1)      "Mean People SucK"

2)      "Animals are NOT for eating!"

3)      "Homophobia is a social disease'

4)      "Clinton/Gore '96" (This is just here for humor.  I saw my first
one today)

Mike W.

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