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Richard Swerdlin Swerdlin at COEFS.COE.UNT.EDU
Thu Apr 25 06:14:00 MDT 1996

Darin Deem:

    I agree with you that a simpler and lower level handling of a
problem is better than a more involved version.  To the extent that
private handling works, more power to private parties.

    My basic point regarding the landlord was not limited to such
owners of property.  Regardless of what political or social labels
are used, actions still speak louder than words.

    I sincerely feel that labels too often cloud issues, both
domestically and internationally.  More is likely to be achieved by
directly addressing a problem.  Relatedly, often a reasonable
compromise possible.  There is nothing new about this.

Richard Swerdlin
(swerdlin at

P.S. My impression is that we are living in a period of crudeness and
rudeness.  This is reflected in highly hostile comments about others
of a different opinion.  I see this in classrooms.  I see this in
politics.  Perhaps sthe negative tendency is promoted by the graphic
nature of TV.  In any case, it does not speak well of us to commit
verbal abuse.  I encounter a measure of this, whenever some of my
students do poorly on a test.  Unfortunately, some want high gades
for little achievement.  I feel that teachers with reasonable
standards are easy scapegoats for frustrated students at all
educational levels.  Not surprisingly, what is to stop indiscriminate
charges against local officials or agencies?  The same could be said
of the situation at higher levels.

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