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Fri Apr 26 12:26:00 MDT 1996

Bill White Wrote
 and Dennis Putnam responded
>  SNIP (lots of good stuff)
> [In this section your language changes dramatically.  You personally
>         assume responsibility for your choices.  You made 'em.  Your
>         going to keep making 'em.  The "I" pronoun, the DOER is firmly
>         in the subject position in the sentence.  This is encouraging.
>         You have good intentions; you accept responsibility for your
>         own actions.  What about adopting a political philosophy that
>         promotes that proactive attitude in others?  If you rethink
>         your position with a fresh point of view, you will give up the
>         fuzzy thinking of your younger days as a student and
>         serviceman.  When you realize that liberals are making our
>         countrymen into passive big government dependents with a
>         "hand full of gimme and a mouth full of 'much obliged,'"
>         and when you see how characterless demagogues (like Clinton)
>         manipulate an increasingly dependent citizenry with their
>         bread and circus, you will join your fellow RUSHTALKERS
>         in their quest to restore freedom with dignity to your fellow
>         Americans.]
> Sincerely,
> Bill White

I wish I was capable of saying all that as fluently. I am eagerly awaiting
Richard's reply.
Add my dittos to Dennis's statement above.

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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