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John Fearon jfearon at INTERGATE.NET
Fri Apr 26 18:02:26 MDT 1996

Let me tell you Richard, the democrats have screwed more people out of
money for their stupid programs, which do more harm than it ever could do
good.  The demons are screwing americans.  You remind me of the pot
calling the kettle black.

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Richard Swerdlin wrote:

> Chuck Warman:
>     Speaking of "coming clean", which was your expression of choice,
> you might address to others more suitably.  When was the last time
> that a hospital administrator who "dumps" emergency patients at
> "other" hospitals open advertised this rotten practice?
>     Wake up to reality.  A hidden video tape relates to the above.
> An Dallas area hospital admitted to the above crap, only after being
> caught on tape.
>     Relatedly, if someone likes to take advantage of children working
> in dangerous shops or situations, perhaps said person would feel
> "safer" with some else in the White House.  After all, we don't want
> "Big Government" telling "us" what to do.  Anusingly, the Queens
> contractor who skimped by caulking sewer pipes with rags, instead of
> suitable material, also claimed that the "government" was "after his
> freedom".  Coming clean, let's face it, his "freedom" wsa that of
> swindling you or me, if weere the taxpayers involved.
>     Overall, you listen too much to your own propaganda.  Even an
> astute observer such as Secretary of State Dean Rusk would caution us
> about believeing our own propaganda.  He opined that, if this
> occurred in both the USA and the USSR, it would increase the sad
> likelihood of World War III.
>     We both benefit from better government at all levels.  However,
> it is not difficult, at least for some people, to use that as a
> convenient playing card or ruse, so that they can screw fellow
> Americans more easily.  This is especially true in screwing consumers
> in the matter of repairs to homes and cars.
> Sincerely,
> Richard Swerdlin
> (swerdlin at
> P.S. How is it that the daycare director of a rather traditional
> church in Denton (population of about 70,000 now) turned out to be a
> child molester?  This is sad, but true.  Child molesting is rotten,
> no matter who commits it.

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