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"Hurrah!!!!! keep the dirty feddogs out of people's lives.

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Dennis Putnam wrote:

> >  SNIP
> >     In the interest of clarity, these are some basic beliefs I have
> > held:
> >
> >     1. Children should be protected from working conditions that pose
> > dangers to their health.  There may be certain workplaces that are
> > indeed more hazardous, even to adults, so that children could
> > experience even greater danger.
> Agreed, but this is the parents job, maybe the local municipality and perhaps
> the state's job. But not the federal government's job. And not by simply
> redistributing the wealth so as to encourage more children susceptable to
> that condition.
> >
> >     2. Suitable provision should be made for retirement, so that a
> > person who has worked faithfully over the years, has some reasonable
> > future to look foward to.
> That is your job and no one else's. Why do I owe you a retirement simply
> because you worked faithfully over the years? What did you do that gives you
> the right to confiscate my hard earned cash for your self? I resent what
> amounts to you stealing my hard earned money.
> >
> >     3. Americans should not be treated unfairly on account of race,
> > religion, or other comparable factors.
> Agreed, and affirmative action indeed treats Americans unfairly simply
> because of their race, religion or sexual preference, etc.
> >
> >     4. Consumers should not be treated like "sheep for fleecing".  If
> > problems exist with certain products or services, there should be due
> > process for rewsolving them fairly.  Relatedly, safety dangers should
> > be reduced, where possible.
> Agreed and there is. It is called free-enterprise. A bad product will not
> last long because people simply will not buy it. There is already legal
> remedies for those injured because of neglegence (although today businesses
> are even liable for their customers gross stupidity). But again the remedies
> are at the state and local levels not federal.
> >
> >     5. Educational opportunity should be promoted for all interested
> > students.  Various vehicles (loans, grants, share-the-cost, etc.) may
> > be feasible toward this end.
> Absolutely and it is up to each school district to determine how that is
> accomplished, not some bureaucrat in D.C. The level of education in this
> country is deplorable and directly tracable to federal government interference
> via extortion. Do what we want or we won't give you your money back.
> >
> >     6. Reasonable health care should be promoted, so that Americans
> > can enjoy a more productive work and leisure life.
> We already have the best health care in the world. It works for the most
> part so leave it alone except those few areas that need fixing.
> >  SNIP
> >     I will vote again for Clinton, in line with the preceding
> > reasons.  He is more likely to promote the above ends than Dole.
> > However, contrary to some emotional Buchanan supporters, I do not
> > view Dole with alarm.  Contrary to political rhetoric, there is life
> > after election day.  Not surprisingly, I still smile at the use of
> > words such as "landslides" and "mandates", considering how such
> > simple words have been screwed up by journalists and political toads.
> >
> >     I will be happy to respond to any replies, regarding the above.
> >
> Here is where you need to pay attention to campaign rhetoric, and current
> events. Clinton, by his actions has proven he wants to destroy the very
> things you say he will promote. You have to stop listening to his words
> and start looking at his actions. The are completely opposite and his actions
> are what count. To say that Cinton is more likely to promote the above, after
> 4 years of trying to destroy them, then Dole is ludicrous.
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