backassward GOP strategy

Trey Triggs trey at SOUTHWIND.NET
Fri Apr 26 19:35:32 MDT 1996

I have to agree with you Helen.  I am seeing Mr. Newt on television much
more exposing the Democrats as they really are.  The wave will be coming in
-- with the timing just right for the November election!

>Though I've been depressed about the way things have been going for the GOP
>since late last year, I've perceived, recently, a light shining at the end
>of the tunnel.
>The tide does seem to be beginning to turn.  If this is planned strategy,
>then the GOP are some damn fine poker players and are, indeed, the party of
>ideas. ;-)  If this is indeed strategy, I'd bet you that it's Newt's.



America is too big, too diverse, and too free to be run by bureaucrats
sitting in office buildings in one city.
Newt Gingrich, To Renew America

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