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Richard Swerdlin Swerdlin at COEFS.COE.UNT.EDU
Sat Apr 27 06:36:00 MDT 1996

John Fearon:

    Historical perspective is needed in making more sense of
conditions in any given year.  There have always been streams of
complaints and charges in American politics at local, state, and
national levels.  Some have substance, while others do not.

    Wishful thinking is a characteristic of human behavior.  The same
is true cooncerning the use of scapegoats.  Problems exist,
regardless of political labels.

    Left to local custom, slavery would still exist.  Left to local
custom, segregation would still exist in busses and other modes of
travel.  However, improvements do occur, over a period of time.
Relatedly, it took "omly" about 80 years for women to achieve normal
voting rights?  Why do you think it took so long?  Was it too radical
or liberal to vote, if a person had different genitals?

    I do not know who will be elected in November.  Whether Clinton
or Dole wins, life will continue.  Relatedly, it has been said by the
ancients that things are seldom as good or as bad as people say they
are.  Such advice applies to 1996 too.

Richard Swerdlin
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