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Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Mon Apr 29 07:24:20 MDT 1996

> Dennis Putnam:
>     1. We agree that necessary protection of children in the
> workplace should be handled at the lowest possible level.  This would
> be reflected by parents.  Higher levels may be necessary too,
> depending on particular problems.

That is exactly right and what Dole stands for not Clinton.

>     2. If my retirement is this year, it would be at 66.  There will
> be income from three sources: annuity, social security, and
> investments.  Said retirement is not a raid on your pocketbook.

First, your initial statement implied that someone other than yourself
ownes you a retirement. Second, unless you are going to tell me that after
you have used up your contributions to SS you will refuse any further payments,
SS is indeed a raid on my pocketbook. If you withdraw more than you paid in
where do you thing that money comes from? Do you plan to maintain your own
health care insurance or raid my pocketbook again with medicare? Said retirement
is indeed a raid on my pocketbook unless you are a very unique individual.
However your political positions on other issues implies you will be standing
in line with your hand out too.

>     3. There should not be admissions or hirings of persons who are
> obviously not qualified.

Glad to see you are finally seeing the light. Welcome to the fold.

>     4. Dealing with possibly questionable goods or services is often
> done successfully by private means, such as the Better Business
> Bureau.  However it is also useful to have private favilities
> supplemented by public ones.

Again you are sounding like a dittohead.

>     5. Decline in education stems from general cultural changes, not
> from decisions in Washington.  There is nothing new about using
> Washington as a scapegoat.

Here we disagree. The cultural changes that are responsible fo rthe decline
have originated in DC. We are devaluing human life everyday with excusing
violent behavior, coddling criminals, sanctioning the killing of the very
young and very old. Also the multiculturism that has consumed educational
resources in areas that don't matter better spent on basic is directly
responsible for the decline in education. This is not scapegoating but
placing blame squarely where it belongs.

>     6. In the Denton ISD, only about 8% of the budget comes from
> federal funding.  Thus about 92% is local or state in nature.  The
> Denton ISD is not a marionette.

The point is that even the 8% is critical to be Denton budget. If it wasn't
then why does Denton not simply refuse that money. Small as it may seem the
strings that are attached to that 8% are many making Denton, like the rest
of the country, DC puppets.

>     7. We agree that improvements may be needed in health care.

Right, but the difference is that you favor big government intervention while
the conservatives here favor leaving things alone and only fixing what is

>     8. I am not overhwelmed by anyone's speeches.  This was the case
> in 1952, 1956, 1960, etc.  For a fee, writers create any kind of
> speech for political employers.  Thus 1996 is likely to fit an
> established custom.  TV will again provide more blurbs or zingers.

Overwhelmed? What ever that means, but how can you know what a candidates
position is without listening to them and comparing that with their actions?
This is the main failing of Clinton who is virtually always doing the opposite
of what he says.

>     9. Voters would benefit from a greater number of ballot choices.
> This makes candidates less complacent.  Buchanan should run for
> president.  This in itself would provide greater choice.

Our political system does not work that way. We have already had the choice
and the people chose Dole. It is the democrats that had no choice as no one
opposed Clinton. In anycase any third party candidate, even if they won would
have a doomed term in office. With no other members of that party in congress
nothing would get accomplished. Although that may not necessarily be bad.

>    10. Both of us will vote in November.  Let's hope that a high
> percent of voters will also turn out.

Agreed. But based on the above statements by you I am glad to see you moving
to the right. It is clear that your support of Clinton is shrinking and for
Dole growing. The issues above are exacly what we have all been complaining
about on this list because the Clinton adminstration is trying to destroy
them. Your statements show you beleive to a large extent with what the
conservatives are trying to do and oppose what the democrats and Clinton in
particular is trying to do. Now if we can turn your pessimism into the kind
of optomism many on this list have you will be a full fledged dittohead,
and have a much happier retirement. As Rush always says it is easy to be
unhappy and pessimistic because it does not take any effort. But happyness
and optomism, like all things worth while requires hard work.

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