Drug wars

Fri Feb 2 06:11:16 MST 1996

Does the Federal Court really want to wage WAR ON DRUGS?
 It doesn't seem that way from my point of view.
Did the O.J. trial have any effect on the administration or interpritation of
Congressional Law?
Ever sense I can remember, running away when approched by the police was
enough to warrant the officers to stop you. Apparantly not so in Washington
Heights N.Y.
Recently, a Federal Court Judge ruled that two Police Officers had no reason
to stop two suspects on foot, and one in a car, because the two suspects on
foot attemped to flee when the officers approached.
The two officers were on routine patrol in Wash. Heights, a neighborhood
known for it's illegal drug activity. They observed an out of state vehicle
double parked in front of a residence. They then saw two men approach the car
and, without talking to the driver, deposit two duffel bags in the trunk of
the vehicle.
As the two men continued away from the vehicle, they became aware of the two
officers by seeing the patrol unit, and ran away. The officers detained the
vehicle. The two suspects on foot got away.
 When the Officers searched the trunk they found cocaine and heroine with a
street value of $4 million.
The woman driver of the vehicle, from Detroit, then confessed to at least 9
other offenses
where she transported drugs from New York to Detroit over the last five
Federal Court Judge Harold Behr disallowed evidence resulting from the search
of the vehicle, and the taped confession by the driver of the vehicle saying
that the two men who ran from the police had every reason to do so.
Judge Harold Behr (appointed by Clinton, nominated by Pat Moynihan D-NY)
seems to feel that Police corruption only, can account for the two men
feeling threatened simply by seeing a Police car in Washington Heights.This
Judge is of the fantasy that the two men could not of felt threatened by the
discovery of the contraband deposited in the trunk of the double parked
vehicle, but only reacted to the fear of bodily injury which might have been
inflicted by the alledgedly corrupt Police Officers.
Judge Behr ruled that this was an illegal search and siezure due to lack of
probable cause.
This Judge has allowed an admitted drug trafficer to walk because he, in his
infinite wisdom, knew what the the two men, who ran away and are still at
large, were thinking.
How are we to win the war on drugs with guys like this on the federal bench?
The next time you hear Pres. Clinton talk about how we must win the war on
drugs,remember what his appointees are doing about it.

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