[FWIW] A Travelgate "Trip"!

P. Jefferson Quinton jquinton at CS1.PRESBY.EDU
Fri Feb 2 19:00:18 MST 1996



        While the deepening Whitewater troubles of Hillary Rodham
        Clinton were grabbing the headlines last week, damaging
        revelations continued to surface in the Travelgate scandal
        as well. The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee
        announced that the private auditor hired by the White House
        to explore financial irregularities at the White House
        Travel Office found no gross financial mismanagement -
        directly contradicting Hillary's excuse for the firings.

        Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Clinger (R.-Pa.) said that
        Peat Marwick auditor Larry Herman - who happens to be a
        friend of Vice President Al Gore - told the committee that
        he "did not think [the circumstances] warranted the firings."

Source: Human Events
        Capital Briefs, p.2
        February 2, 1996

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