News Release: Cyber-Poll Results

P. Jefferson Quinton jquinton at CS1.PRESBY.EDU
Sun Feb 4 00:39:02 MST 1996

4 February 1996         For More Information: Jeff Quinton <jquinton at>

[Redistribution and use of these results are encouraged]

Results from Cyber-Poll Conducted at Presbyterian College

Between December 19, 1995, and January 25, 1996, a cyber poll was
conducted by Jeff Quinton among the faculty, staff and students of
Presbyterian College <> in Clinton, SC. The only
requirement to participate was an on-campus internet account. The survey was
disseminated via random e-mail, forwarding, and postings to local newsgroups.
        Persons contacted were asked basic demographic data, the
political party they support, and the announced candidate they support.
50 of the contacted people responded to the poll.


        81% of all respondents are registered to vote.

        The average age of all respondents is 23.3 years old.

        54% of respondents are male, 46% are female.

        44% of the respondents identified themselves as Republicans.
        33% identified themselves as Independent.
        23% identified themselves as Democrats.


        42% of all respondents support a Republican candidate for President.
        33% are undecided.
        21% support Clinton.
        4% support "None of the Above" (a.k.a. the Nevada Option)


        86% of Republican respondents are registered to vote.

        The average age of Republican respondents is 24.7 years old.

        67% are male; 33% are female.

        45% of Republican respondents support Dole.
        10% support Alexander.
        10% support Buchanan.
        10% support Forbes.
        10% support Gramm.
        10% are undecided.
        5% support Dornan.


        67% of Independent respondents are registered to vote.

        The average age of Independent respondents is 25.6 years old.

        67% are female; 33% are male.

        67% of Independent respondents are undecided.
        27% support Clinton.
        6% support "None of the Above."


        90% of Democrat respondents are registered to vote.

        The average age of Democrat respondents is 31.6 years old.

        60% are male; 40% are female.

        60% of Democrats support Clinton.
        30% are undecided.
        10% support Dole.


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