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February 4, 1996
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ST. LOUIS, MO -- On Friday, February 2, House ethics charges
were filed against twenty year incumbent Dick Gephardt by
Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn (R-WA) for alleged filing of false
financial disclosure forms and spending campaign money for his
personal use.  Most of these charges have roots back to the
Insight Magazine article by Mr. Paul Rodriguez dated August 28,

"It is really disappointing to possibly conceive that our
Representative-my Representative, a public official and
defender of the Constitution, would attempt to abuse the law
for his personal pleasure, greed and fortune.  If these charges
prevail at being substantiated, it is only reasonable that Dick
Gephardt come clean with the voters and step down as the
Congressman of the 3rd District," stated Bob Becnel, co-founder
of Fed Up.

"Just for the fact that House Ethics charges had to be filed,
some kind of explanation is deserved by the voters of the 3rd
District.  In fact, the seriousness of these charges deserve
immediate explanation," added Aaron Miller, co-founder of Fed

In light of Rodriguez's investigative reporting, Fed Up would
like to have an explanation to the following questions
regardless of the outcome of Gephardt's charges:

1. If the $700,000 property and "Northern Star" mansion of
North Carolina is considered a secondary home, to which is
considered Dick's primary home:  St. Louis, Missouri or
Washington, D.C.?

2. Why would Dick even consider pumping $700,000 into the North
Carolina housing market when property values in some areas
of South St. Louis are on the decline?  Furthermore, how
come Dick has reaped over $100,000 in rental income during
Reagan-Bush years, while he claims that Middle Class wages
have decreased during the 1980's?

3. What is the reason behind Dick wanting to utilize the tax
code to escape the confiscatory capital gains tax that he so
vehemently opposes, and even goes as far as accusing those
that support it as terrorists?  Does Dick support
elimination of capital gains tax for all taxpayers or just

Fed Up would like to commend Representative Dunn for bringing
forth these charges out into the open for all to examine.  The
perks and privileges that Dick Gephardt is so accustomed to as
Minority Leader need to stop immediately.  Additionally, until
Dick Gephardt can keep his own "business" in order, he needs to
spend a lot less time worrying about how much money the
American people "should" have or how much the American people
"should" be taxed.

Fed Up is a grass roots, non partisan, home made, watchdog
organization formed for the sole purpose of unseating 20 year,
out-of-touch incumbent Dick Gephardt.


Photo of "Northern Star" man be viewed on the Fed Up Home Page
by pointing your browser to:
Sources include AP Wire and Insight Magazine.


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