Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster Endorses Pat!!

Brian Gross bgross at WORLDWEB.NET
Mon Feb 5 12:57:24 MST 1996

At 12:21 PM 2/5/96 +0500, Linda Muller wrote:

>Enclosed please find:
>Pat's endorsement by Louisiana Governor

Not so fast.  Reading today's Hotline, I find the following:

        LA Gov. Mike Foster said on 2/2 he would back
Buchanan.  Foster: "While his opponents are good people, I find
that I agree with Pat Buchanan more."  Foster praised Buchanan's
"willingness to speak out to change the federal court system by
stopping the lifetime appointment of federal judges, as well as
his staunch support for pro-life and the 2nd Amendment
(ADVOCATE).  Foster said "he intended to vote for Buchanan, but
did not consider it an endorsement" (Wilkie, BOSTON GLOBE, 2/4).

Sounds to me like Foster is just doing the minimum necessary payback for
Buchanan's "endorsement" of Foster last year.  I guess announcing this is
better than the Buchanan campaign announcing David Duke's endorsement, which
was quietly downplayed last week.


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