Welfare: Why it doesn't reduce crime

Wed Feb 7 05:59:50 MST 1996

The mixture of welfare and feminazi victim propaganda is
destroying this country. The politicians use this propaganda
to try to justify their draconian legislation that allows
the welfare state to pry children from their fathers then
gain unlimited access to the fathers wallet. Welfare as
the politicians see it, can be payed for by the fathers of
this country because they have no voice and no representation.
 Welfare could be culled at an incredible rate tomorrow
by giving the children back to their fathers.

 I will not be a slave to any bloodsucking feminazi or government.
>>And, as it happens, welfare does have benefits for everybody. That's
>>why welfare programs are undertaken in the first place, because folks
>>in power -- including business leaders -- recognized that it's ne-
>>cessary to stabilize society. When the poor are being bought off with
>>a tiny little sum, you prevent them from getting radicalized and
>>knocking at your door with a mob late at night.
>First and foremost, when an armed thug demands your money, it is stupid
>and cowardly--and therefore immoral--to yield.  If thug pursues
>destruction, a rational society will grant to him the only destruction
>he has the right to pursue--his own.
>Now, why welfare leads to higher crime.
>1)  It declares that need constitutes a greater entitlement to wealth
>than does production.  The thug therefore reasons that since he needs
>cocaine money, it is wrong for others to withold it.
>2)  Since welfare is means-tested in America, it broadcasts to all
>recipients the message, "You aren't as good as the rest of us."  The
>recipients begin to behave accordingly.
>3)  The present method of welfare drives fathers out of homes.  All
>crime disparities between groups--whether racial, economic, or
>geographical--vanish when only one-parent families are considered, and
>likewise vanish when only two-parent families are considered.
>"Tax cut" in the mouth of Clinton is like "love" in the mouth of a

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