Racism and Affirmative Action

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBESF.MDBE.COM
Fri Feb 9 11:34:00 MST 1996

Jim Kitzmiller Wrote:

>I have to agree with the Reverend Jackson that the NBA is as good as
>hiring gets in an imperfect world without racial bias.  I doubt if I would
>pay to see the Bulls with a bunch of fat, short, white guys bouncing off
>of each other. (Well, at least, probably not more than once.)

     I can just imagine when a wheelchair athlete sues to
     play in the NBA.  No knocking them.  Some of them
     are wonderful athletes, considering their disabilities,
     but they don't belong on the same court with Michael

>What do you suppose other businesses would look like if no racial
>biases or other artificial means were used in making the hiring decisions?

     That depends.  In the law business there are a lot of
     political ends to be met.  I think that a lot of things would
     be about the same as now, but there would be a lot more
     women and minority run firms rather than having them
     "integrated" into the bastions of male lawyers.

     More importantly, the quality of those who survive in
     the business would be higher, as they are forced to
     practice law, rather than play politics for a living.

>I know the ballet companies would look petty much like they look now,
>orchestras are good, so are blues bands, country music and rock n roll
>bands, opera houses (at least on the stage), baseball teams and other
>sports, movie stars, even the Morman Tabernacle Choir (are they paid?),

     Music and the arts have generally been well integrated
     on their own.  Orchestras have traditionally conducted blind
     auditions so that the judges can't see who is playing, and
     can only judge the quality of the product.  Quite fair IMO.
     In my music management business I handle several bands
     of mixed background.  The only qualifications which we have
     and which the musicians have is the quality of the product and
     the ability to work with the other band members.  It works quite

>Do any of these have any affirmative action requirements?  Why? or
>Why not?

     No.  Probably because they are too specialized and too
     difficult to integrate because of the skills involved.  If you
     put me on guitar, I'd sound like hell.  No one would turn out
     to hear a band featuring me or buy our records.  Unless we
     went to the Atlas shrugged system where the govt. guarantees
     a living to someone in their artistic work, regardless, and
     suppresses those who would be successful because it is unfair
     to everyone else.

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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