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Robert A. Ostrea, Jr. RAOstrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Feb 9 12:38:13 MST 1996

>    Have to plead ignorance on this one. However, MY alternative, at
>this point, is Colin Powell. I know he's not officially running -- but,
>barring some sudden, unforeseen scandal, he's getting my vote in Nov-
>ember as a write-in.

Hmmm.  What if Powell accepted a VP slot with Dole?  Would that ticket get
your vote?

>>>2. Where was Pat Buchanan, when we fought in Vietnam? Where, for that
>>>matter, were Newt Gingrich, George Will, William Safire, Phil Gramm,
>>>& Rush Limbaugh?
>>Gingrich, George Will, William Safire and Rush Limbaugh's avoidance of
>>the war is irrelevant as none of them are running for President...
>    Hypocracy is no longer wrong, then?

I think you;re missing the point.  The problem with Clinton is that he
sought to be exempt from the draft AND protested the war and his country ON
FOREIGN SOIL.  This is a grave insult to all those who served this country
for that cause, whether you agree with the war or not.  I don't agree with
our mission in Bosnia, but I will damn well support the troops and my
country!  That's the issue.  I personally don't care if the next President
served or not...

>>In Kuwait, it was a containment issue and an oil preservation issue.
>    Notice how no-one is trying to defend it as a "moral" issue any
>more, or as our "defending democracy"; we openly acknowledge that it
>was all about oil & political power to begin with. Note, Robert, that
>I am NOT specifically aiming these observations at you; I'm comment-
>ing on what you said.

I would agree with your assessment here, Bruce.  I have ALWAYS thought of
the Gulf War as a containment issue and IMO it was necessary to get
involved.  Bosnia is a civil war and we shouldn't be involved, rather the
Europeans should be more active in this area. I don't know why many Gulf War
supporters used the "moral" argument as it was clearly a move to check
Saddam's army and guarentee access of oil.

>>The fact that you are inhaling makes a LOT of things clear while
>>reading your comments, Bruce! ;-D
>    Smiley noted, & chuckled over. Please, though -- elaborate? What,
>exactly, was made more clear by knownig that I inhaled while writing
>    I note that you are the only one to comment on it publicly. Is ev-
>eryone else stewing, or simply ignoring me? :)

I'm glad you had a good chuckle, for that was my only purpose! Of course, in
your state of mind ANYTHING I could have written would have caused you to
chuckle :D  I was referring to your libertarian views on the many issues we
discuss on this list.  Although I disagree with some of your assessments, I
do find it refreshing to hear disagreement from someone who is NOT liberal!!!

>>GO DODGERS!!!!!!!
>    Straight to the top, in '96!!!!!

ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!  The Braves have already won their WS, now it's time
for them to step aside!!

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North Hollywood, CA
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