Racism and Affirmative Action

William Schirf 0006459466 at MCIMAIL.COM
Fri Feb 9 13:55:00 MST 1996

-- [ From: William Schirf * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

> It would be unreasonable to ask a firm to hire in proportion to a national or
> even state standard.  A local standard would be the best way to test a firms
> lack of hiring bias.

What if the community does not have a proportional amount of qualified
applicants?  Or if the corporate image is such that a certain group does not
apply in proportional amounts.

I used to work in a computer data center (for fortune 500 company) where the
percentage of caucasians was approx 20%, and other non-blacks at another 20%.
(And the applications reflected this also!)  All while the community where the
data center was located was more than 60% caucasian.

Should we have been forced to hire more whites, hispanics, and asian? Or, could
be continue to hire the best person for the job?

Although I am a white male, I didn't even notice this fact until someone asked
me about it.  I was surprised when I started counting.  I'd never realized it
cause I don't think in those terms.


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