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Thomas J. Benthall dq46rm79 at COASTALNET.COM
Fri Feb 9 17:53:13 MST 1996

I believe that Milton Friedman is correct when he argues that the
inclusion of exemptions in the income tax code is what causes the
incumbent politicians to be provided with money from political action
funds.  Corporations and special interst groups have always wanted
exemptions and are and have been more than willing to dish out funds
to any politician who is sympathetic to these exemptions.  It is
these exemptions that have corrupted the tax code more than anything

For this reason I can no longer support Pat Buchanan.  Buchanan's
idea of a flat tax is one that includes deductions for mortgages ,
interest, and contributions to charities.  What Buchanan wants is a
non-flat tax.  This is also what every special interest group wnats.

What is really needed is to replace the income tax with a national
sales tax.  As it would be next to impossible to provide for
exemptions in a sales tax, it would greatly help to eliminate the
corruptive influence that special interest  groups have on our law
makers.  However, if we must go the route of a flat tax let's make it
one that is truly flat.

I will now support Steve Forbes for the Republican nomination.
If Forbes is not nominated, then I will vote for Harry Browne in

Thomas J. Benthall
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