Top Ten caused of Black Poverty

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Mon Feb 12 07:57:16 MST 1996

Will writes:

>What do you think are the top ten reasons for black poverty?  I started this
>thread with the observation that there can only be two either
>discrimination or a systematic weakness of the black race.  I would
>love to have another option.

Although the least educated, I will attempt to answer at least a part of Will's

1.      Thousands of years of tribalism in Africa have led blacks into a
        tribal culture in America.

2.      Hundreds of years of slavery and discrimination.  To disconsider these
        factors ignores the obvious.

3.      Dozens of years of governmental and institutionalized "reversed"
        discrimination have lead to the concept that blacks can't make it on
        their own.

4.      Government and the PC crowd making fathers a social "option", or worse
        yet, demonizing them as "violent, cruel, child/spouse abusers".

5.      A failure on the part of black leaders to capitalize on the gains of
        minority civil rights movements as the asian cultures have.  Once the
        mountain of resistance (overt racism) was removed, opportunity for
        growth should have been enjoined full force.

6.      Humans of all races will take the path of least resistance.  In the US,
        we have built a path with low resistance that leads to poverty and

7.      A culture that best operates in a survival mode.  (I can hardly blame
        a black man in LA for carrying a gun, I damn sure would).  The police
        are your friend and protector!  Yeah, sure, if you live in Minnesota
        and have skin the color of the driven snow.

8.      Remanants of overt/covert racism.  Really, I still see it.  I could
        tell you stories of racist acts I wittnessed last fall, and I hate
        to state, in my home state of Alabama.

9.      Failure to enforce the law FOR minorities as well as we do for non-
        minorities.  If we had shootings and drug dealing in Palm Beach like
        we do in West Palm Beach, you can bet some tough cops would be called
        in.  Do we think that the average black person living in a crime
        infested area CHOOSES this?

10.     Liberalism/Democratic policies have reduced the individual freedoms
        available to all citizens.  The lack of freedom and opportunity taken
        by taxes, regualtion and politicial correctness, has an even larger
        impact on low income groups than middle/upper income groups.

In summary, the answer to your question is,  historicial oppression and a
systematic weakness in the black CULTURE, not race.

Why is Bosnia more important than Rowanda? Dead white men vs. dead black men?

Sam Teel

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