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P. Jefferson Quinton jquinton at CS1.PRESBY.EDU
Mon Feb 12 10:45:31 MST 1996

INTERNET ANNOUNCEMENT:  Grand Opening of Life Sites of the Web
For Release:    2.12.96

I am pleased to announce the opening of Life Sites of the Web at:

Life Sites of the Week is a best-of-the-web home page devoted to WWW pages
that promote the care and protection of human life. So often in this world
we lose focus of the presciousness of life and only when tragedy strikes
or we see or read about a tragic human interest story do we take stock in
the value of human life.

Life Sites of the Week works to recognize the achievements of those who
have taken the time and effort to help promote the positive value of human
life. Such sites which may be recognize include, but are not limited to,
sites dealing with disabilities, adoption, the right to life, caring for
the elderly and infirmed, sites involving medical services, "edu-health"
sites, and many others.

Each week, Life Sites of the Week will recognize a handful of sites that
strive to protect and care for human life.

It is my hope that, through Life Sites of the Week, we can reflect upon
the value of human life and endeavor to care for others. Please get
involved in your community and take action to help protect the lives of

Again, you can access Life Sites of the Week by pointing your web browser
(Netscape encouraged) to:

For more information, contact:
Steven A. Ertelt
ertelt at

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