Looks pick out President.

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBESF.MDBE.COM
Tue Feb 13 09:52:00 MST 1996

Brad G Harris Wrote:
>Americans elect there President on looks.  A sad
>commentary on American society.  Who of the Republicans is
>better looking than Clinton.  Maybe Buchanan.  Kennedy
>defeated Nixon on looks.

I'm not so sure.  Look at Nixon, and LBJ.  And certainly Carter was no
Prince Chaming.  Not that I think your position has no merit - but rather,
that it has some, in certain circumstances.  I expect that barring an
indictment, Clinton will be re-elected based on his looks and his
ability to lie with impunity to everyone in sight.

Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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