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Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Wed Feb 14 13:46:13 MST 1996

> With Gramm's withdrawal, where do we as conservatives stand?  We needd to
> decide what are the factors upon which to base support of a candidate, and
> how do the remaining candidates measure up on these factors.
> I always felt that the factors I will base my choice(s) are as follows:
> 1)  The character of the candidate.
> 2)  The philosophical dependability of the candidate.
> 3)  The electability of the candidate.
> 4)  The support of the candidate for the three major conservative sets of
> issues:
>       A)  The social issues.
>       B)  The economic issues of small government, low taxes, and free trade.
>       C)   Support for a prudent foreign policy, devoted to America's self
> interests.

I think you omitted what is probably THE most important factor:

  5) Can the candidate beat Clinton?

In my opinion that is the goal that is paramount. If Clinton wins it will be
the end of the conservative opportunity because the congressional majority
will also likely be lost and a veto-proof majority will be impossible.

Redoing the analysis:

  Dole - Possible
  Keys - No Chance
  Buchanan - Unlikely
  Forbes - No Chance
  Alexander - Unlikely
  Taylor - No Chance
  Lugar - No Chance (as bad as Clinton on 2nd amendment issues)

As much as I dislike Dole, I want Clinton out worse. With Gramm out I don't
like any of what's left except maybe Alexander. Buchanan would be OK but I
think his isolation/anti-free trade position is too dangerous. However, I
reiterate that, other than Lugar, any one on the list would be better than

Dole's, Buchanan's and Alexander's chances against Clinton will also depend
a great deal on their running mates and we will have to wait until this summer
for that.

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