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Richard Swerdlin Swerdlin at COEFS.COE.UNT.EDU
Thu Feb 15 14:17:00 MST 1996

Steve Laib:

    Dancing has not been a penchant of mine.  However, in keeping up
with current events over the years, dancers have come in for their
share of criticism, wherever I hav elkived: Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois,
Indiana, Texas, etc.

    Amusingly, I recall the horror expressed by some persons at the
gyrations of Elvis Presley.  He was accused of all kinds of things,
especially in regard to juvenile delinquency (and worse).  On the "Ed
Sullivan Show", Elvis was once televised literally from only the
waist up.  This was to avoid exposing the audience to movements of
the lower portion of his divine body!  This has been shown as a clip
on various TV documentaries on the theme of changing times in
America.  Of course the singing of Elvis was also a convenient
scapegoat from some social critics.

    Despite the above I managed to turn 66 on Tuesday.  Perhaps the
two of us will continue to dance for many more years.  Time will

Richard Swerdlin
(swerdlin at coefs.coe.unt.edu)

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