Forbes and the flat tax

Dennis Putnam putnamd at ATLODBS1.HAYES.COM
Fri Feb 16 05:53:04 MST 1996

> Another thing I don't understand.  What is the big deal with mortgage
> deductions?   If I make $36,000 and pay almost $3,000 in taxes today
> why would losing the mortgage deduction and not paying any tax using
> the flat tax Forbes proposes, not be good for me?
> Why would the value of my house go down if there is no mortage
> deduction?  I didn't buy the house for the mortgate deduction.

Its a smoke screen. The Democrats and press are purposely distorting the
effect of the single-rate (not really flat) tax. If this should really
become popular the Democrats are in trouble since it threatens their
power base from Washington. As Forbes says, the power to tax is the power
to control. Our tax system ended being a means to collect revenue to run
the government during the 60's. It is now the primary means for Washington,
particularily liberals, to regulate every aspect of our lives. The mentality
of the masses is that the mortgage deduction is the one loophole that they
don't have to be rich to take advantage of and by-gosh they are going to
continue that loophole even if it means higher taxes. One will never go
broke underestimating the ignorance of the people. Our liberal run schools
have seen to that, but at least they feel good about themselves.

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