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James A. Moore jmoore at DIRECT.CA
Fri Feb 16 19:01:53 MST 1996

        Another member of the Buchanan for President team has been tossed.
It seems that a woman (who's last name is Lamb) has been fired from the
Florida Reich of the Buchanan for President team because she is a racist.
What a shock, a bigot who supports Pat Buchanan.  Apparently this woman
worked on David Duke's campaign, and has now focused her attention to
electing one of his pals President.  She also is in an organization name the
NAAWP- the National Association for the Advancement of White People.  Anyone
suprised that this woman found her way into the Buchanan camp? Me neither.
        All of these allegations and associations revolving around Pat
Buchanan, and yet some people in the Republican party are still to ignorant
to wake up and realize that Pat Buchanan is a complete facist.  It really
saddens me as a conservative, and a Republican to see the number of people
who fail to open their eyes to the blatent bigotry of Pat Buchanan and the
people with whom he associates.  To quote Rush:  "These people are
glimmering jewels of colosal ignorance."

James A. Moore

"Pat Buchanan is so homophobic.  He probably blames global warming on the
AIDS quilt."

               -Dennis Miller

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