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Fri Feb 16 19:57:03 MST 1996

>>"Pat Buchanan is so homophobic.  He probably blames global warming on the
>>AIDS quilt."
>>               -Dennis Miller
>Also what gives you the impresion
>that Pat Buchanan is a facist or a bigot?  You really need to visit his web
>site and find out what he stands for.

                Pat Buchanan "says what he means and means what he says", by
his own admission. I don't doubt that for a minute.  And because I don't
doubt that truth is precisely why I am opposed to the idea of Pat Buchanan
stepping into the office of President.
        When he asked the question "Who stands for the Euro-Americans?...is
it not time to take America back?" in an essay a few short years ago, I was
totally stunned.  I was stunned at the fact that there wasn't public outrage
over this foolishly racist statement.  George Will, and Mike Kinsley made
mention of it, and denounced it, but few others did.  I know that it is not
as harsh a racist statement as we've heard in the past from people like
George Wallace, Robert Byrd, and Jesse Helms, but it indeed was a racist
statement worthy of denouncement from Americans of all walks of life.
        It is not simply that one single statement that drives me to the
opposite side of the philosophical spectrum.  I have found his positions on
issues to be motivated by an underlying anger that is truly distasteful and
rooted in a conscience born of hate.  His support for mandatory public
display of Confederate flags on government buildings in the South is a slap
in the face to black America, and a knife in the back of the American
        Just this past year at a campaign stop in Ohio, it was accurately
reported that free copies of "Spotlight"- a publication of the anti-Semitic
Liberty Lobby- occupied the same table where Buchanan campaign workers were
selling Buchanan for President T-shirts and the candidates' autobiography.
So what!? one might ask.  Well to me it is an outrage that someone who wants
to sit in the oval office would not be outraged at the very existence of
such material. Much less be sitting next to neo-Nazi lobbyists who are
handing out hateful literature.  Why wouldn't he speak out against this?  It
is my opinion that Mr. Buchanan is simply a racist.  Underneath the exterior
of a man who decries unequal trade agreements, and maintaining the sanctity
of the unborn lies a
man who is fundamentally, and morally flawed.
        When he speaks of "imposing" a conservative agenda on America, one
should recoil at the language he uses.  "Impose"?!  As a conservative who
sincerely wants change in America, the last thing this country needs is
someone who wants to "impose" a conservative agenda.  When he talks about
ending programs and building "security fences" on "executive order", my
blood boils as a conservative.  If his ideas are morally, spiritually and
factually in synch with America's conscience, then why should he have to
"impose" anything on America?  We conservatives know that we are right on
the issues, so why can't we do what every other form of democratic
government has to do- gain public approval.  Rather than using "executive
order", and "imposing", try a little honest debate, blended with a touch of
democracy Pat- it works every time.
        "We need to build a security fence along our southern border".  I
have no problem with fighting to keep out illegal immigrants who brake laws,
go on welfare, take low paying jobs and drive down American working wages.
I don't think that building walls to lock human beings away from justice
(Berlin wall), or "security fences" to lock people away from freedom, are
good ideas.  Why doesn't he try to use the foreign aid budget more wisely to
try to eliminate their having to come here?  Its because he wants to cut
foreign aid to save an almost irrelevant sum of federal dollars in relation
to the overall budget.  If foreign aid is eliminated, other countries will
be envious of America, and hatred of "those evil capitalists" will grow.
And with the wholesale black-market selling of nuclear weapons from Russia,
who knows who we might piss off who we wouldn't want to.
        Pat Buchanan is to the Republican Party what George Wallace was to
the Democratic Party- an embarassment.  He denounces evolution, yet he
admits that he has *never* studied Darwin's theory of evolution.  I'm not
saying Darwin was accurate, but I will label Buchanan as being ignorant to
the issue.  His campaign team has malitia members, and Klansmen on it for
crying out loud!  He is a fascist, racist, anti-semite, sexist, and a
homophobe.  I'm sorry to say the obvious, but it's true.  He will never win
the White House; he is to divisive, to extreme, and far to wrong for America.

>Mark Bailey

James A. Moore

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