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Dear Brigade,

Enclosed please find:
1. Press release re: New Maine Brigade
2. New article by Charley Reese

Back home after the terrific experience in Iowa and
hopefully will have the web site updated more frequently!

Here are a few items FYI.

*Pat will be on Brinkley this Sunday - ABC

*Pat needs our help even more now! We have to help him
fight the leftist in the media AND the
globalist/neo-conservatives in the Republican party. IMO,
Gingrich, Kristol, Bennett, Kemp et al will do ANYTHING
to stop him. Pat's support of America First policies and
the efforts of the Buchanan Brigades is what gave us the
wins in Alaska and Louisiana and 2nd place in Iowa. We were
out-spent 5 and 10 to one by the other candidates, yet the
voters stood strong with Pat and we won the first three

The biggest struggle will be in the northeast in the
Granite State of New Hampshire. You know what we are up
against and the massive amounts of money that they are
spending to defeat our cause. So if you can spare ANY
amount to contribute to the campaign please send it NOW! We
need to buy radio and television spots to get OUR message
out. Pat is fighting, the NH Brigade is standing ready,
PLEASE help them to win for us, the fourth battle of the Second
American Revolution!

Please send checks to:
Buchanan for President Committee
6862 Elm Street, Suite 210
McLean, Virginia, 22101

And remember, donations up to $250 qualify for matching
funds - effectively doubling your contribution!
I dont know if I have to put this in but I think I'm
supposed to:
Buchanan for President, Scott Mackenzie, Treasurer

*Bumper Stickers
If you want one, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope
John Van Sandt
327 Dr. Hicks Blvd., Florence, AL, 35630

* HQ now has an Email address:
pjb96 at

Guess thats it for now, when I have time I'll let everyone
know all the neat stuff that happened in Iowa. In the
meantime I'm going to focus on updating the State Brigade
page and the Message Board. BTW it might be hard to believe
but I'm now getting 700-800 messages per day. About 350 per
day signing up to join the Buchanan Brigade!

All comments in this Update are mine and not to be
considered "official". As always I'm counting on you to
forward this email to listservs, bulletin boards, chat
rooms, news groups and across the USA.

I thank God for Pat, the Brigade, and all Americans who are
fighting to restore our Constitutional Republic. Keep in
touch and...GO PAT GO!!!!
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -
For Immediate Release:
February 16, 1996

Gramm Leaders in Maine Move to Buchanan
  --  Scientist/Ecologist to Direct Campaign

McLean, VA -- On the heels of Sen. Phil Gramm's withdrawal
from the presidential race, Republican presidential
candidate Patrick J. Buchanan has picked up the support of
former Gramm key organizers in Maine. Mr. Buchanan will
step into the framework of the ready-made organization in
Maine that beat Bob Dole 4 to 1 last November's Republican
straw poll in Maine.

"Pat Buchanan represents the conservative attributes and
values I hold dearly. If the voter wants to implement some
of the ideas that Gramm supported, Pat Buchanan is that
candidate," stated Dr. Michael S. Coffman, former Gramm
Steering Committee Member, who will now serve as Maine
State Director of the Buchanan campaign. Dr. Coffman is a
respected scientist and ecologist who has been involved in
ecosystem research for over twenty years in both academia
and industry.

"Like all Gramm supporters, the sudden end of his campaign
hit me like a ton of bricks," said Linda Bean, who served
as Maine Finance Chairman for Gramm and will now serve as
Buchanan's Maine Finance Chairman. "After Phil called to
release me on Wednesday, I called around and found an
instant Gramm network ready to go to work for Pat Buchanan"

Paul Volle, who serves as Executive Director of the
Christian Coalition of Maine, which takes no official
position on any party or candidate, also switched to
Buchanan, saying, "Many of us have always preferred Pat
Buchanan's positions against NAFTA, GATT and the WTO.
Initially I felt Gramm had a better chance to unite
Republicans than Buchanan did. Buchanan proved everyone

Maine Representative John Underwood, a leader in the
conservative Republican caucus in the Maine Legislature,
has not found it difficult to switch. "Phil's many visits
to Maine paid off in the Legislature," said Underwood, "but
there is a lot of enthusiasm for Pat coming out now that he
has proven himself in tough races in Alaska, Louisiana and
Iowa where he was hugely outspent by other candidates"

New Buchanan Leadership Team in Maine
State Director:Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
State Finance Chairman: Linda Bean

Steering Committee Members:
State Rep. John Marshall of Eliot
State Rep. Patricia Lane of Lincoln
State Rep. Jim Layton of Cherryfield
State Rep. Bill Pinkham of Lemoyne
Jim Gorman, Jr. of Freeport
V. Paul Reynolds of Hampden
Bettina Dobbs of Cushing
Patricia Truman of Halloweel
Holly Gross of Brunswick
Paul Volle of St. George
Bob Voight of Lubec
Warren Swartz of Sanford

County Chairmen:
State Rep. John Underwood of Oxford, Chair, Oxford Co. campaign.
State Rep. Lisa Lumbra of Bangor, Chair, Penobscot Co. campaign
Paul and Sue Madore of Lewiston, Chairs, Androscoggin Co. campaign.
Dr. Paul Fichtner of Greenville, Chair Piscataquis Co. campaign.
Dottie McGuirk of Westbrook, Chair, Cumberland Co campaign.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -
In Face Off With Clinton, Buchanan's Only Real Contender
By Charley Reese
February 15, 1996

The liberal Rockefeller Republicans, Pat Buchanan's
enemies, have adopted a new line in the face of his
continued success: Well, old Pat can win in states with a
lot of Christian right-wingers, but, of course, he could
never win against Bill Clinton.

In other words, the message to conservatives is: If you
want to beat Clinton, then you must choose a Rockefeller
Republican. Well, if a Rockefeller Republican beats Clinton
(and I don't think one can), all that would change in
Washington would be a few faces and the patronage. Just as
Clinton differs from George Bush only on marginal matters,
so a Rockefeller Republican would differ from Clinton only
in a cosmetic fashion. A Wall Street toady is a Wall Street
toady, regardless of party label.

Conservatives should not forget that, once Rockefeller
Republicans are elected, their attitude is, as expressed by
former Secretary of State James Baker, ''(expletive) the
conservatives! Who else are they going to vote for?''

Well, Baker found out in 1992. And, if Rockefeller
Republicans sabotage Buchanan's candidacy, they will find
out again in 1996.

Conservatives should not forget that conservative and
Republican are not necessarily synonymous. GOP liberals are
called Rockefeller Republicans because the late Nelson
Rockefeller was their leader.

The truth is Buchanan has the best chance of beating Bill
Clinton for a number of reasons.

Clinton would slaughter Bob Dole in a television debate. A
much younger and more energetic Dole was trounced in 1976
when, as President Gerald Ford's running mate, he had to
debate Walter Mondale. And Mondale is so underspoken and
poker-faced, he makes Al Gore seem like a speed freak.
Dole is too old a war horse to be ridden to an
inauguration. The liberal Republicans, Lamar Alexander and
Steve Forbes, wouldn't fare much better in a face-off with

Buchanan, on the other hand, would leave Clinton on the
floor in a televised debate. He's very good at that and
very comfortable on TV, where his humor shows to good

Moreover, Buchanan can do what the country-club
Republicans can't do, and that is bring in independent and
blue-collar union voters. Buchanan, and in my opinion only
Buchanan, can put together the same coalition that elected
Ronald Reagan to two terms.

Speaker Newt Gingrich, the Rockefeller Republican mole in
the House, is proposing that Republicans run against
unions, corruption and cronyism. What a disastrous strategy
that would be. Republicans are as vulnerable on corruption
and cronyism charges as Democrats. And a working man or
woman's union membership card is a whole heck of a lot
better recommendation than a membership card to some rich
man's private club. It hasn't been the working men and
women, union or otherwise, who have sold out the country.
It has been the white elite.

But what else can Rockefeller Republicans advocate when
they support the same global socialist policies the
Democrats do -- policies that are killing off American
jobs, driving down the standard of living, and wasting
American lives and treasure in various rat holes around the
world? It's typical that Gingrich wants to divide Americans
while Buchanan wants to unite them.

Check 'em out. Buchanan is the only one in the bunch who
has a coherent vision of where he thinks America should go,
buttressed by specific positions on specific issues. He's
the only one who would put the welfare of Americans and the
country first. He'd be the first president actually to
represent ordinary Americans since Harry Truman. He'd be
the first, since Truman, to talk the same after his
election as he did before it.

You really have only one choice: Buchanan or Clinton --
the real Clinton or Republican versions of Clinton.
 - - - - - - - - - - end- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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