Sat Feb 17 18:23:41 MST 1996

Somebody signed Mark Bailey wrote that he has seen only one posting
alleging that Patrick J. Buchanan is having a high old time but won't make
it to the Oval Office.  Make that two, Mark.

Patrick can cobble together enough of the Sorehead vote to rank high in a
six-way race.  But once the Faces in the Crowd fade, Patrick can't make the
Soreheads into any kind of a majority.  In fact, Patrick can close ahead in
the New Hampshire  primary, but he can't deny Dole the nomination.  Dole
can get well after New Hampshire.  Patrick can't.  Best Patrick can do is
make Lamar Alexander into No. 2 and what kind of a legacy is that?

Ted Cormaney
vvkw99b at prodigy.com

--[ ORIGINAL MESSAGE ]-----------------

James, it seems to me that you are the only one who feels that way about
Pat Buchanan.  I have not seen any other postings to what you say by anyone
else.  So maybe it is you who is Mr. Ignorant.  Why don't you wake and
push for good conservative values, like Pat Buchanan.

Mark Bailey

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